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Cable routing systems

Device installation trunking Rapid 80

Simple installation through a standardised system opening.

Flexible, combinable, economic ‒ the modular dado trunking for all office areas

The Rapid 80 installation trunking combines design and function into a single system in a convincing manner. Thanks to the consistent standardisation of system components, you can use the three types of trunking, in plastic, aluminium or sheet steel, as individual variants or in combination. The accessory parts, such as end pieces or variable fittings, fit all versions.

All the Rapid 80 device installation trunking has an inner system opening of 76.5 mm. This ensures that sockets, data technology elements and small switch ranges with large external radii can be inserted without visible gaps. The ideal solution for areas in which you have a lot to install.

Rapid 80: Strong design – first-class processing

Rapid 80 combines straightforward design and the highest quality with perfect handling in termination and processing. The trunking covers are smooth, fluted or transparent. Accessory parts, such as end pieces or variable fittings, fit both the plastic and sheet steel trunking and the aluminium trunking.

Full flexibility ‒ even in the accessories.

Free choice of electrical installation

The Rapid 80 plastic range (GK) is available in four colours, one trunking height and three trunking widths. The trunking is single-compartment, symmetrical and offered with all the necessary fittings. All the trunking has pre-mounted trunking couplings.

Optional: Halogen-free version

With low smoke gas production, no corrosion and safety: Halogen-free Rapid 80 device installation trunking fulfils high safety standards. Completely manufactured from halogen-free plastics, if there is a fire, it reduces the amount of toxic smoke gases and the formation of corrosive substances. (Available from 01.07.16)

Many sheet steel and aluminium variants

The Rapid 80 sheet steel product range (GS) and the Rapid 80 aluminium product range (GA) are offered in two trunking heights and four trunking widths. The trunking is available in single-compartment, double-compartment or asymmetrical variants. All the appropriate fittings are available for all the variants.

Even complex installations are easy with the Rapid 80 trunking.

All the advantages of Rapid 80 at a glance:

  • Faster, simpler device installation using standardised device installation sockets of the 71GD series for standard devices, 1x and 2x, Modul 45 and as a mounting support for data technology.
  • Increased clarity through universally applicable accessories: Covers, trunking clamps, trunking end pieces and hood fittings.
  • Faster installation through quick couplings for PVC and locking couplings for GS and aluminium.
  • Extremely stable wall panels, which can be adjusted by up to 6° in a horizontal direction, with pre-mounted nuts for trunking fastening.
  • Effective noise protection through noise limit barriers in wall penetrations.
  • Standard internal system opening of 76.5 mm for all PVC, steel and aluminium device installation trunking.
  • Halogen-free dimensions available.
  • Standardised trunking clamps for all trunking systems.
  • Pre-terminated socket units.
  • Installation units for series-mounted devices.
  • Overlapping end pieces to hide cut edges.

Rapid 80 - Installation

Which Rapid 80 type are you?

You can find how to configure the Rapid 80 system solutions perfectly to your requirements here.